Airoha Chipset Wireless Earbuds

Airoha Chipset Wireless Earbuds

Model Number: TS04
Is wireless:Yes
Wireless Type:Bluetooth
Battery Capacity(earbuds): 47 mAh
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Product Introduction

How to use

  1. Power On

  ①For the first time usage, Please pull off the transparent film on the earbuds, and then put back the two earbuds to the charging case, to wake up the two earbuds. Then take them out,they will turn on automatically and connect each other, and automatically connect with the last matching device

  ②Press the touch area of the earbuds for 3 seconds to turn on (charging box is dead or not in state).

  2. Power Off

  ①Put the earbuds back to the charging box, and the earbuds will turn off automatically.

  ②When the charging box is not carried, press the multi-function button of the L or R earbuds for 5-6 seconds,and the two earbuds will tur off at the same time.


  1.Dual earbuds mode connect with Mobile Phone

  ①Close the TWS earbuds to the phone that needs to be connected and turm on wireless.

  ②Open the TWS charging box and take out the L/R earbuds. The earbuds will start automatically. 

After the successful connection between left and right, the main earbud light will flash with blue and red color quickly, means two earbuds has paried , now you can connect with the earbuds with your smartphone.

  ③Search "TS04" on the mobile phone and select the connection. When the connection is successful,the earbuds indicator will turn into a blue light flashing once every 10 seconds.

ts04 wirless earbuds

wireless earbuds1

wireless earbuds2


  • In the unpairing mode, no operation within 5 minutes and the earbuds will automatically turn off.

  • After connected, the earbuds and the phone will remember each other. And next time they will be connected automatically.

  • Single ear mode

  ①When using a single ear, please take out a earbuds from the charging box and double click it, and then connect the single earbud with the wireless device.

  ②Connect the mobile phone according to the above-mentioned "binaural mode" ,then complete the connection with the mobile phone or other devices.

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