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Interpreting Fashion Style, 4 Mics ENC TWS Earphones Shocking Launch!

Fashion originates from the display of individuality. We , Shinecon are proud to launch the new four microphone noise cancelling wireless earphones model TS56 providing you with a variety of color choices, not only showcasing fashion taste, but also equipped with advanced four microphone noise cancelling technology, helping you enjoy music to the fullest while keeping your calls clear.


ENC Noise-canceling earbuds

Colorful color scheme: personalized and fashionable

Our wireless earphones have a wide range of color options, allowing you to easily match fashionable styles for different occasions. From classic black and white to fashionable bright colors, there is always one that can meet your unique aesthetic needs.

4-microphone noise reduction technology: clearer calls

The unique four microphone noise reduction technology ensures that environmental noise can be filtered during calls, making your voice more clear and transmitted. No matter where you are, you can maintain smooth communication and demonstrate professional quality.

Styling design: fashionable and dynamic

With a lightweight body and dynamic lines, our wireless earphones incorporate fashion elements, making them not only a companion to music, but also the finishing touch of fashion trends. Comfortable to wear, unique in design, making you eye-catching in any occasion.


Excellent sound quality: Music arrives as scheduled

Not only is the appearance eye-catching, but the interior is also exquisite. Equipped with advanced audio technology, our headphones present you with fuller and clearer sound quality, allowing every note to touch your heartstrings.


Convenient Control: One Touch Access

Touch controlled operation, easy to achieve various functions such as music switching and call answering. No longer worry about tedious operations, making your control of music moments easier.


Durable endurance: always with you

Powerful battery life ensures that your music partner is always with you. One charge, long conversations, and music enjoyment make your life more convenient.

Noise-canceling earbuds

Noise-canceling earphone

Noise-canceling ear buds


At the intersection of fashion and technology, our four microphone noise cancelling wireless earphones are the best choice for you to showcase your personality and quality. Colorful color schemes, 4-microphone noise reduction, and excellent sound quality are all designed to meet your pursuit of perfect music moments. Quickly choose your exclusive color scheme to make your music moments more exciting and your calls more enjoyable!

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